What is Your Golf System?

What is a golf system? Do you have one? Is it producing results for you? if not, you probably should look for a new one.

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to systems and how they can produce very predictable results.

I know — “systems” seems like such a dry, clinical, corporate word, something that business analysts at IBM or Intel sling around with an impetuous fury.

But think about it in terms of your golf game. It can be a lovely word. It can be a transforming word.

How? Think about it this way: Whatever system you are currently using is THE perfect system for the results you are getting.

What are your results? Not very good? Maybe it’s time to look for another system.

The trick is most people don’t go about it this way. They want to make it everything about them. They want to make it personal.

They say:

“I’m not good enough” or “What patterns in myself should I be looking for to see what character flaws I have” or “I’ll never get good at this” or “What’s wrong with me?” — you get the idea. It’s like, “how else can I find a label for myself”

However, if we think in terms of systems we can rise above, like a Phoenix from the ashes, and use systems as a new way to frame the current challenges you have in your game.

See, if you’re totally focused on the problem level you cannot use your inherent creativity and rise above it.

You’ve heard the quote by Albert Einstein that says:

“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”

The deal is, if your down at the level of the problem you can’t see the problem clearly. You have no access to change there.

But when you use your creativity and look down upon your issue from a bird’s eye view you can come up with creative solutions. Solutions for a new systems. Maybe you need a new short game practice system or maybe Stack and Tilt or a system by Dave Stockton for your putting.

You can ask yourself, “Given that I have this problem in my golf game, what can I create?”

That IS a totally different question. Now you are using “whole-brain” thinking. You’re not just trapped in the logical, left-side of your brain. In some way we become free again by exercising our creativity.

Kinda the same freedom we had when we were kids. Remember? We were almost always creating. Creating space ships out of TV trays and blankets, pretending we were certain characters, inventing wacky, fun games.

Is this easy? no it’s not. When we become adults we get used to certain patterns of thinking. The good news is—it’s still there. We just need to coax it gently. To become re-aquainted with that feeling again.

By thinking and creating via systems we can create (or find) a system that gets results. Give it a try.

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