Top 15 Wearables in Healthcare

Quell Relief

The product here by Quell Relief is one of the new healthcare wearables and smart technology who really take functionality to the utmost. Not only is this knee brace type device engineered to give you the stability that you expect out of a brace but it is also embedded with the market required sensors that allow for smart keeping of information that can be accessed through a companion app. This product likes to pride itself on being able to give the person the optimal relief when it comes to a knee brace.

The innovative technology here is also very nice. It is BlueTooth compatible and it is compatible with any iOS operating system for access to the companion app. The battery will give you pain relief for over 40 hours before having to be charged again. There is an electrode that is placed inside of the brace and then you strap it on. Push the outside button where the electrode is and then it is activated. This certainly is a state of the art product and a game changer in the wearable healthcare and smart technology industry.

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