Top 15 Wearables in Healthcare

Smart Wearables in the technology industry for 2015 is one that is looking to be a big and profitable market. The technology that these new devices are employing is innovative to say at the least. Smart technology is certainly something that will be the key to the optimal operating of our future society, especially when it comes to healthcare.

The following is a small look at some of the top wearables that can be found and are engineered for the healthcare industry. Here are some of those products to be on the lookout for during the course of 2015.

Intelligent Asthma Management by Health Care Originals

ADAMM is a wearable technology by Health Care Originals that helps understand and monitor your asthma more easily. It is a three-part solution: a wearable to detect precursor symptoms of asthma, a smartphone app for the management plan basics and a web portal to detect the treatment efficacy. 300 Million people globally who have asthma can benefit from this wearable. The device and the app will be able to alert you when you experiencing an asthma situation, journaling, treatment plans, displays, and the tracking and information on the treating of symptoms. Health Care Originals is a leading digital health startup, integrating IoT technologies to empower everyone through improved understanding and management of their health and medical conditions. With ADAMM they have won the WT | Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup 2015/16 in the category of Healthcare & Wellness.

Valedo Back Therapy

Of the healthcare wearables that are on the market for 2015, the Valedo Back Therapy is probably one that will be embraced the most, especially those who love to be gamers. Valedo is engineered for those who have problems with lower back health. It has video game like interactions and interface that give the user exercises to do. It is very similar to like the games that you would see on a home video gaming system such as the Wii and Wii Fit.

A device is attached to the person’s back and the smart sensors are able to store data which can then be accessed through the companion app. It is run on BlueTooth Smart technology but at the current time can only be run on any iOS device such as an iPad or iPhone. It is being known that a lot of healthcare facilities are starting to embrace the Valedo and their course of action when it comes to lower back pain and treatment.

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