Amazing 39 Woodworking Projects Perfect For Beginners

Woodworking is the art that gets you busy and you can do this activity in the leisure time. If you are new to the art of woodworking there is nothing to worry about. It is not so much difficult that you cannot learn. Remember, learning never stops. So, have the courage to start the art of woodworking and take your time out to learn it. Here I am sharing 20 woodworking projects with you, have a look at them in detail. I am sure you would get some good ideas for the woodworking projects of your home and office. With these woodworking projects, the beauty of your drawing and dining room would be enhanced. You should not lose hope while learning these woodworking ideas. By the time you would learn these projects very easily; if you work hard and concentrate, you can go for the further more complex projects.

1) Four Holes Tooth Brush Holder

Four holes tooth brush holder

Often in the morning you really need a good brush holder for your toothbrushes and razors to hold. No one wants that the toothbrushes remain without a brush holder. So I am introducing a new project which I found this online by myself and it’s a wooden brush holder having four holes inside. You can increase the holes, it depends on your demand. It is very useful as when you enter in the washroom your first need is the brush in the morning, so if you find it in a perfect brush holder it’s really amazing. I am sharing some of the pictures of different brush holders with you. Have a look at these pictures.


​Making a brush holder is not a difficult task, especially for the beginners. When I have started this work I didn’t know anything about this art. By the time, I get the experience and now I can do the simple projects in no minute. You can also get the perfection after getting some experience.

There are numerous other pictures and examples of brush holders online and you can choose one from them. Select the brush holder which you think is the easy one and start making your own toothbrush holder.


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