People Share Horror Stories About Their Stepparents

“My mom and dad were married for 13 years before my dad died and they never once had an argument. Childhood was peaceful and happy. After he died, my mom lost it. She stopped eating, bathing, looking after us, etc. It was like her whole world was ripped away. Eighteen months later, she met this guy, let’s call him J. He took my V card two days before I turned 13 years old (whilst telling me my dad should have ‘broken me in’ years ago), put smokes out on my skin, broke my nose several times, fractured my skull, and used to sell me to his friends for a bottle of JD and a bag of Mary Jane.

The worst thing to me was that he convinced my mom that I was evil and mentally unstable. At 13 years old I had nobody.

He eventually got arrested for trying to kill me and my mom whilst on a bender one night. You wouldn’t believe how good it feels to get this off my chest.”

A Precursor Of Things To Come

A Precursor Of Things To Come

“The first time I met my father’s wife I was four years old. While eating I casually put my elbow on the table (which I had never been told was wrong) and she immediately stabbed my arm with a fork. There were four bleeding holes in my arm. On the drive back home, my father told me not to tell my mom. He dropped my brother and me off and I struggled so hard to hide the wounds from my mom. Two years later, he married that woman.

I would experience years of abuse every other weekend when we had visitation with my father.

The worst event culminated in her sitting on my back and hitting me repeatedly with the heel of a high-heel shoe while my father sat on the couch and watched.

This was my punishment for having an asthma attack and being unable to finish mowing the lawn.

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