Golf in Scandinavia

Golfing in Scandinavia is one of the thrills when I visit Europe – mostly due to the almost 24 hours of light in the land of “the midnight sun.”

We are actually heading to beautiful Sweden, in the heart of the summer (end of July-Beginning of August), to stay at a friends in Västerås, a quaint little town about an hour or so outside of Stockholm.

I actually worked there for a bit (when I worked for ABB) and made a number of friends – including the family we are staying with. Let’s face it – any European vacation that is longer than 2 weeks is welcome for us Americans.

Truth be told, we were not sure where we were heading in Italy but I did want to incorporate at least *some golf. So we talked about a Thailand golf holiday or possibly golfing in Italy or maybe even golf in Dubai (which I would love to do!) but we settled on a trip to Sweden because our Swedish friends have been bugging us to visit and we are also going to incorporate a cruise to St. Petersburg (from Helsinki)

One I am dying to play is the Bro Hof Slott Golf Club located about 30 minutes North of Stockholm (see aerial view of course above). Bro Hof consists of 2 courses the Stadium and the Castle course both created by world-class designer Robert Trent Jones (his first course in Sweden)

As Mr. Jones says about the (stadium) course:

Mother Earth must have created this area for a golf course. All I had to do was to walk around this beautiful landscape and see where the holes would fit in.

Playing the courses doesn’t come cheap, however. It will tag you somewhere in the range of $140-250 to play. The higher fee is for the more mature, Stadium course.

Other noteworthy things about he course: The Scandinavian (Nordea) Masters will be played there during from 2010 – 2017. The course is very eco-friendly, has inclined fairways to prevent water logging and bunkers of crushed marble. Nice!

The other is Falsterbo Golf Clubin Southern Swedenabout 20 miles South of Malmö on the scenic Falsterbo Peninsula.

This is my “nice-to-have” course to play in Sweden but I have heard so many good things that I’m determined to play it. It’s the third oldest golf club in Sweden and the course is consistently ranked as one of the top courses in Sweden and among the Top 50 courses on the European continent.

Here’s how the course is described on the website:

Falsterbo is a classic example of the original Scottish golfing terrain – links. Sand dunes with sparse vegetation intervenes with lower lying areas where under decades a natural and fine turf has come forth. The natural water hazards, many large sand bunkers as well as depressions and the fast running greens are some of the characteristics of the course . . .


Anyway, can’t wait to get to the land of Absolute vodka, the super-fun crayfish parties, have my favorite djungelvrål candy and, who knows, maybe I’ll be lucky enough to run into the Swedish Bikini Team!

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