Area trail camps offer good backpacking tuneup: best 10 trail camps


— Marin Headlands: Kirby Cove, Haypress, Hawk Camp, Bicentennial

— China Camp State Park: China Camp walk-in

— Mount Tamalpais State Park: Pantoll walk-in

— Steep Ravine: Steep Ravine walk-in

Angel Island

— Angel Island State Park: 10 hike-in sites

South Peninsula

— Monte Bello Open Space Preserve: Black Mountain

— Butano Redwoods State Park: Trail Camp (at Butano Rim), also 18 walk-in sites near drive-in campground.

— Sanborne-Skyline County Park: Walk-in campground

Henry Coe

— Henry W. Coe State Park: 81 trail camps, 29 in the more accessible Western Zone.

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