Area trail camps offer good backpacking tuneup: best 10 trail camps

Trail camp locations

Santa Cruz Mountains

— Big Basin Redwoods State Park: Sunset, Twin Redwoods, Alder, Lane, Jay

— Castle Rock State Park: Trail Camp, Waterman Gap

— Portola Redwoods State Park: Slate Creek

East Bay Hills

— Ohlone Wilderness Trail: 16 trail camps located along 28-mile Ohlone Wilderness Trail (Del Valle to Sunol to Mission Peak); Ohlone Wilderness: Boyd Camp, Stewart Springs, Rose Peak (Maggie’s Half Acre), Doe Canyon 1 & 2; Sunol Regional Wilderness: Sky, Eagle’s Eyrie, Huck’s Nest, Star’s Rest, Sycamore, Cathedral and Oak View; Mission Peak Regional Preserve: Eagle Springs 1, 2, 3 and 4.

— Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve: Stewartville

— Morgan Territory Regional Preserve: Backpack campsite

— Round Valley Regional Preserve: Backpack campsite

— Anthony Chabot Regional Park: Chabot walk-in

— Sibley Regional Preserve: Primitive backpack site

Point Reyes

— Point Reyes National Seashore: Wildcat, Sky, Coast, Glen

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