American Horror Story characters who look completely different in real life

Lance Reddick as Papa Legba

When you’re playing the gatekeeper to the spirit world, you’d better be scary enough to really look the part. In AHS: Coven, Lance Reddick does just that. The busy character actor, a veteran of memorable roles logged on shows like The Wire and Lost, made an unforgettable mark on American Horror Story audiences in 2014 when he made his entirely convincing debut as Papa Legba.

As anyone who’s seen him in any of his other projects is already well aware, Reddick is a handsome guy with a chiseled build, but his slender body type and unique appearance make it possible for the American Horror Story team to give him the type of otherworldly, voodoo-inspired look a character like Legba really needs. Since finishing up on AHS, Reddick’s stayed just as busy, logging a run of roles that includes parts in both of the Keanu Reeves-led blockbuster John Wick action thrillers.

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