10 Genius Hacks To A Lightweight Backpacking Packing List

Gap year. Summer vacation. Round the world trip. What sort of travel fix are you looking for? But, more importantly what will make your ultimate backpacking packing list?

Have you ever heard the saying “On a long journey even a straw weighs heavy”? While embarking on any trip naturally generates excitement and emotion,  you may feel like your pack is always spilling over with a billion and one straws in it.  And washing out underwear every night, doesn’t sound like the right panacea either.

With summer right around the corner, there’s no end to advice on what should make your backpack packing list. Wear one. Wash one. Don’t pack a bag. More is less. Take what you need. Yes you and I have heard it all before. Whether you are a minimalist or a maximista, ultralight or always overweight, read on.

Deciding on a lightweight backpacking packing list

Deciding on a lightweight backpacking packing list is neither magic or a stroke of luck. It’s a state of mind. It’s a determination to discover, versus sticking to the same ol’ same ol’. A state of mind, you say?  Yes. Since it is a state of mind, you can change how you pack. Then, not only will you achieve lightweight status, but every piece on your backpacking gear list will be useful to you.

So what’s the deal with traveling with backpacks anyway?

It’s possible that outdoorsman Dick Kelty didn’t realize how far his invention of the rucksack or backpack would evolve over time. But, one thing wouldn’t change – innovating a better and easier way to carry things in the outdoors. Great gear. Gear that lasts. Built to endure.

It’s no secret that you get caught staring at backpack travelers. Afterall, there is a certain captivating allure to traveling hands free. You are mobile. Versatile. Risktaker. And ready. Ready?  Yes, you read right. Even though for some of us being ready or prepared means having more options than our backs can carry. But, in reality, the amount of things you have does not make you prepared. Rather, you are prepared when what you have is useful to you.  Thus the importance of the choosing the right items for your backpacking pack list.


Why you aren’t backpacking (and what you can do about it)

Maybe there are three main culprits. First, packing a backpacking pack in itself seems simple. Not being able to get it right before the trip may seem like a telltale sign of future failure. So many may prefer not to take the next step. The second reason is that a poor fitting backpack has been described as an anchor. Not only does it make you physically immobile while on a trip, but it often makes people stay put at home. Still, yet others choose their backpack size according to the length of their trip versus their body weight and strength. This is a one way ticket to a bag that is too big and too heavy to handle. Cue frustration and back ache. And the backpacking pack goes packing straight to the attic.

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